Morning Break/ Lunch

Morning break:

Every morning, the students are provided a ten minute break. At this time students have an opportunity to enjoy a snack brought from home.

Lunch Period:
Kranz Intermediate School serves lunch in the cafeteria, or students may bring a lunch from home. A student will lose the privilege of using the cafeteria for any of the following inappropriate behaviors:
  • Throwing food
  • Leaving trash and/or food on the tables or floor
  • Disrespectful behavior toward adult supervisors/cafeteria staff

Beverage machines are located on campus. Students can purchase something to drink before/after school, at break and lunch. Students are not permitted to use beverage machines during or between classes.

NOTE: During morning break and/or at lunch, students eating a snack must do so in the outdoor patio where the lunch tables are located.
School administration has the option of closing the beverage machines and/or snack room if Clean Campus Policy is violated (i.e. excessive litter).

  • Early Learning Preschool Programs
  • Magnolia Learning Center