Discipline Policies

For each homeroom tardy, students will receive a phone call home and 1 hour after school detention. Student failure to serve after school detention on the day of the tardy will result in mandatory Saturday School.
A student will receive a "U" in citizenship for 7 tardies per quarter in any one class

Bicycles, skates or skateboards are not allowed on school grounds. Bicycles must be locked in the campus bike cage. The bike cage will be locked when the morning tardy bell rings and will not be opened until school is dismissed. Students are required to bring their own lock and chain and lock their bicycle inside the bike cage. Helmets must be worn– No bicycle riding on campus. Kranz Intermediate School is not responsible for theft or damage.

Students who steal, vandalize, or destroy school property will be held accountable and required to pay for losses or repair damages. This includes defacing or damaging textbooks. Parents can be held responsible for any damage done to school and/or personal property done by their child. Police may be contacted and citations may be given for infractions.

NOTE: Students can be recommended for suspension and/or expulsion for serious acts of destruction.

School personnel reserve the right to confiscate any items that might be used for graffiti. Minors are not permitted to carry markers in the City of El Monte. Disruptive items will also be confiscated and kept in the office. A parent/guardian must come to the office to claim these items. Examples of disruptive items include but are not limited to: Squirt guns, laser pointers, radios, cameras, IPOD’s/MP3 players/CD players, electronic games, pagers, and cellular phones.

NOTE: Kranz Intermediate School will not be responsible for any loss of, or damage to, a student's personal property which is confiscated. Valuable jewelry or large sums of money should not be brought to school.

If a student possesses any firearm, knife, explosive or other dangerous object at school or at any off-campus school-related activity, the principal is required by Education Code 48900 to recommend expulsion for that student.

Student involvement in any of the following behaviors on the way to/during/or on the way home from school may constitute grounds for suspension and/or expulsion from school:
Engaging in behavior (threatening/fighting) that may cause physical injury
Sexual harassment/battery
Habitual profanity or lewdness
Possession, sale, or use of tobacco, alcohol or any controlled substance. Drug paraphernalia

Students who cause a disruption in the classroom or other campus areas may be subject to any of the following disciplinary measures.
Community Service
After School Detention/Lunch Detention
Saturday School/Friday Night School
Privileges withheld
Referral to the Administration and/or Counselor
Parent contact: note home, failure notice, phone call or home visit
Parent conference
Parent visitation during class
Suspension from class
Placement in Opportunity Room (in school suspension)
Off Campus Suspension (short/long term placement at alternative school site)

NOTE: The School-wide Discipline Plan is posted in every classroom. Each teacher has an established "Classroom Management/Discipline Plan". This plan will be reviewed with all students at the beginning of and during the school year.


  • Early Learning Preschool Programs
  • Magnolia Learning Center