School Info

Kranz Intermediate School

David Herrera

 Address: 11050 Fineview St., South El Monte, CA 91733

Phone: (626) 652-4200

Fax:       (626) 552-4022

School Vision and Mission

Through high expectations for all, we will provide support for our students in achieving at their highest levels as a 21st Century citizen academically, artistically, athletically, and socially.

School Profile

Kranz Intermediate School is located in the City of El Monte, in the western San Gabriel Valley. The community is highly supportive of the educational climate and their involvement is rapidly increasing. Local community morale is soaring due to the rapid spread of industry and businesses. Kranz Intermediate School serves grades seven and eight, as one of the two middle/intermediate schools in the Mountain View School District.

Kranz is Supported by:

Estela Sanchez, Office Manager

(626) 652-4204

  • Early Learning Preschool Programs
  • Magnolia Learning Center