Kranz shares Science Lesson Via Video with NASA

Kranz Intermediate Students Participate in Science Lesson Via Video Conference with NASA’s Johnson Space Center
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El Monte, CA —Kranz Intermediate School students participated in an interactive science lesson with members of NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. The live video conference enabled the students to engage in conversations with NASA scientists and get a virtual tour of Mission Control.

The topics addressed in the interactive lesson were microgravity, Newton’s Three Laws of Motion, and ways to adapt to living in outer space.

The students were excited to see the Weightless Wonder, NASA’s microgravity simulator, where Kranz teachers, Haile Ucabagaber, Alice Shum and Patricia Herrera will conduct microgravity experiments when they travel to Johnson Space Center in February.

“We try to find out how something behaves here on Earth and in microgravity with our experiments,” said the NASA instructor. “We glean a lot of important technology from these experiments. Smoke detectors were first created on the space station and then scientists and engineers worked to perfect them,” he added. “We study combustion in microgravity and that research helps us figure out how to burn materials cleaner here on Earth.”

“It’s cool how everything reacts differently in orbit,” said one of Kranz’s eighth grade scientists. “It would be fun to go to the Johnson Space Center in Houston but for now it’s good that we can at least see it through the video conference.”

The NASA instructor quizzed the students on Newton’s Laws of Motion and shared a variety of facts about working and living in space.

As part of the NASA Explorer School program, Kranz will continue to participate in interactive science lessons throughout the year.

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